Big projects with many people are the least productive

My inbox in ASANA

My inbox in ASANA

It will come as no surprise that the larger the team, the less effective. Small focused teams are more efficient, particularly when everyone on the team is clear about the timeframe for the project, knows their role and responsibilities and there is a good communication method. Read more about this amusing phenomenon of big team performance here…

Recently, I worked with a team struggling to perform their normal everyday tasks and to work as a team. Upon some investigation, I found they did not have an agreed schedule, a list of tasks or an effective communication strategy.  The tragedy was that everyone is the team had something to offer but they had no way of working together. Team and personal  performance was compromised.

Over the weeks I introduced my favorite small team tool ASANA. It worked well to help focus the team on the time frames, allocate the specific tasks, and share information. The team was able to watch their own progress, and they made a great leap in terms of group productivity.  The most important part of the process was the concept of transparency.  Nothing was hidden and everyone had everything they needed to perform at their best.

If you think ASANA might work for your team, find out more at The two minute videos demonstrate how the simple tool can be used in a variety of ways.


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