I have been away from the laptop….

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy with other projects and have neglected this blog. I have many more posts in the pipeline, and I sure you will be interested to read them. In the meantime you might enjoy my article for The NZ Lawyer.


Governance, your online identity, and radical transparency
By Diana Ayling LLB, guest contributor, Chartered Secretaries New Zealand Inc

Personal credibility is a key factor taken into account by appointers when selecting directors and trustees to governance roles. Recent corporate news events have highlighted the strong connection between personal credibility and suitability for governance. Since 2008, a number of directors and managers in governance and management roles have fallen well short of expected standards of leadership and stewardship. Some high-profile examples include Rupert Murdoch, and son James, and various directors and managers of New Zealand finance companies. Once exposed to the public as lacking credibility or involvement in crime, such individuals are considered no longer suitable for governance positions. There is nothing new in the link between personal life and professional suitability, but there is something new in how quickly and easily credibility can now be destroyed.  Read more…

I will be back soon. Diana

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