So you want to be a better coach, manager and teacher?

The answer may well lie with Google.  Suprised?  Well, Google have undertaken an extensive programme to discover what knowledge, skills and attributes their managers need to support employees performance.  The project was code named Project Oxygen, I suppose to breath a life force into both managers and employees at Google. The project gathered data from Google’s employees, and that data was extensively analysed by hand.  As a result Google Rules were born.  There is a great deal that coaches, managers and teachers can learn from this project. After all, we are all trying to get the best performance from our people.

What is important for us at Six Dimension, is how these rules fit within our 6 dimensional model.

A good coach, manager or teacher will be able to;

Knowledge: Formulate a clear vision and strategy for your team.

Skills: Empower your team, listen to your team and have key technical skills so you can help advise the team.

Values: Be a good coach, productive and results-orientated, and a good communicator,

Learning: Helpful to employees with career development.

People: Express interest in team members’ success and personal well-being.

Integration: Empower your team to meet the team vision and strategy by being a good coach and communicator.

If you are serious about being a better coach, manager and teacher, then this is your plan.

Here are a few more tips.

You will need to ensure you know the concepts and principles underlying you discipline in order to develop a clear strategy.  You will need to develop your active listening skills and technical skills in your discipline. You will need to develop perspective on your work, and resist micro managing, instead learn to identify, assess and manage risk in your workplace.  You will need to develop your skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback.

You will need to become a good coach, and communicator. You will need to understand the knowledge and skills which underlie these roles. In addition, you will need focus on productivity and results, you will do this by learning more about project management and setting and evaluating performance criteria.

You will help your players, employees, and staff with their career development, by placing a strong emphasis on their learning. They will need a plan very similar to yours if they are to grow and perform.

You will need to take an authentic and genuine interest in the people in your team. To do this you will need to develop your emotional intelligence. You will need to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with others.  You will need to identify what you need to do for your own well-being and use that to understand your players, staff and students well being.

Drawing all this together, you will be the good coach and communicator who empowers their team to meet their vision and strategy.

In creating their Google Rules, the staff at Google also identified risks for new coaches, managers and teachers.

1. Trouble transitioning into the team: This will be apparent when the person does not have the knowledge, skills and attributes for the role. They will struggle when trying to perform the role and learn it at the same time. They will quickly feel dispirited and disengaged. People from outside the organisation may not have the same values and this too, can lead to misunderstanding and confusion.

2. Lack of consistent approach to performance management and career development: Good coaches, managers and teachers put their egos aside and help their people understand how the organisation works, and coach them on their options to develop and grow.

3. Spend too little time managing and communicating: I have written about this before, you must know the four boulders in your bucket. These are your four key priorities and you must deliver on them. For coaches, managers and teachers, this means sitting beside your people and working with them, physically and metaphorically to help them achieve the four boulders in their bucket. If the thought of doing this fills you with dread, you need to rethink you role as a coach, manager or teacher.

So thank you Google, for giving us the benefits of your research, it helps us as coaches, managers and teachers understand and prepare for our role.

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