Are you developing these 11 skills in your students, staff or players?

Back in 2009 I found this article by Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman. They have a weekly column in US News giving all sorts of good advice to students and parents.  In the articles Lynn and Jeremy identify 11 skills students will need  to master, no matter what is their career path.  I couldn’t agree more. Here’s the list.

1. Write clearly and forcefully.
2. Systematise and organise data.
3. Research.
4. Present material orally.
5. Take notes.
6. Meet deadlines.
7. Work on a team.
8. Get along with the boss.
9. Multi task and time manage.
10. See a big project through to completion.
11. Think creatively.

We have arranged each of these requirements into our six dimensional model with some interesting outcomes.

Clearly, skills are in the greatest demand, closely followed by the ability to learn, and get along with others. Values are important as well, as persistence and commitment are needed to see a large project through to completion.  The knowledge component is empty, and this is not to say understanding of concepts and principles is not important is just that they need to be complimented with real skills.

So what does this mean for us, as teachers, coaches and managers?  We need to ensure we are teaching new skills to our learners.  To do this, we need to provide instruction, examples, support and feedback. Most importantly we need to give our learners opportunities to practice their skills, and provide them with constructive feedback.

So, ensure you are developing your learners skills in writing, note taking, time management, multi tasking, and presentation. Give them opportunities to work in teams, and with a designated team leader. Set them tasks in which they need to find, evaluate and share information. Set them substantive projects with multiple outcomes and levels of complexity.  This type of practice will  prepare your learners for better personal performance, and ensure they can continue to grow and reach their potential.

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