Are you ready? we commence another year of activity, and face our first set of challenges, it is a good idea just to check we have everything we need.

1. Does your team fully understand all the important terminology, concepts and principles needed for both technical and tactical performance?

2. Does everyone on the team have the skills? Have they practicised and received feedback to improve their skill level?

3. Does everyone on the team understand and live the key values? Is everyone clear on the do’s and don’ts?

4. Are all the key relationships in place and working well? Are the communication lines clear? Have you tested them? Are they working?

5. Does everyone have all the resources they need to support their performance? Do you have a “one stop shop” for all relevant information? Can you easily update it? Can everyone on the team contribute to it?

6. Does everyone understand the goal and the performance measures? Have you set the first evaluation point for the team?

If you need help with anything on the checklist please contact us for assistance.



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