How to acheive sustained high performance without your Blackberry


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Over the holiday season, many of us are away from technology, and some of us go through angst. However, as suggested in the article below, new tools do not always make us more productive.

Mobile devices can put us “on duty” 24/7 and that does nothing to help us achieve a work/life balance.  When we are “on duty” and clearing emails on demand, we are not being our most efficient. We are more efficient when sitting at our computer clearing emails in a block of time devoted to the task. We have greater speed and ease of access to supplementary resources.  We also have less distraction so our responses are more considered and careful. This aids with increasing the quality of our work. When we have more time it is easier for us to discern requests that belong to us, and deserve our commitment and action, and those that do not belong to us, and can be moved on quickly.

The people we work with prefer us to focus on the quality of our work rather than speed. They also want us to build constructive long term relationships with colleagues, customers, and contacts. To do this, we need to ensure our email responses are professional, and this means they are clear, concise and kind.  So taking time over our communication is important. We want to communicate well, be brief and be approachable.

There are some useful resources to support improved online communication via email, SMS or text. Bear in mind the requirement to be clear, concise and kind, and think about the perspective of the receiver rather than of the sender.  Professionalism is the key to communication.

Read the article below and the postscript, and feel free to comment or add your own resources.

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