Using six dimensions to create great leaders at work

Are you a leader?

Great business leaders know that there is a lot more to becoming a leader than simply being assigned to the role of manager. A manager is primarily an administrator. The job of a manager is to run a section, group or division of an organization and the role is an important one. The skills associated with this administration take years to develop and the position is earned. However, it does not automatically make you a leader.  A leader earns his title by getting others to follow his vision. Both roles are extremely important within an organization and the employee who excels in both becomes an organization’s most valuable asset.

We agree and taking these ideas we have developed a simple guide for leaders to develop their own performance and to be more effective at the things that matter.

Where are using Fink’s taxonomy in this process.

Leaders will need to be able to:

Knowledge: Understand the concepts and principles of innovation, goal setting, evaluation of performance, in-depth reflection, trust, fairness and transparency.

Skills: Set team and personal goals, and performance criteria. Be honest and fair in their dealings. Be positive and focused on the future.

Values: Demonstrate fairness, and transparency with individuals and teams.

Learning: Access, evaluate and share resources to support personal and team performance.  (We strongly suggest using online communities of practice to create these resource bases)

People: Manage their own performance and that of their team using key performance criteria and reflective practice.

Integration: Create a personal and team environment of trust, innovation, and effectiveness to lead at work.

We do not think this is a particularly easy plan, it takes discipline to become experts in all these different dimensions. To support you in your journey to become a leader we will be providing more resources to support these ideas, and you can see an effective online community of practice at

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