What are the Edupunks and Eduprenuers doing?

8 Oct 2010

What are the EduPunks and Edupreneurs doing?



Here is a good example of what the edupunks and edupreneurs are busy creating. This website, which if free, teaches all kinds of basic concepts and principles that kids need to keep learning. I was interested in how arithmetic averages was taught and found the information refreshingly clear and easy to follow. The graphics were a great addition.

The site is very usable, and learning comes in some chunks or bites, which are easy to digest. The site is not pretending to do anything other than deal with knowledge and it leaves the teacher to provide the opportunities to practice new knowledge, and ensure that students are developing key attributes. So with the help of the edupunks and edupreneurs teachers are no longer fountains of knowledge but facilitators of learning and development. Isn’t that a nice change?

So, if kids can access this basic learning free, what can we do in the world of adult learning to ensure key concepts, principles, ideas and information are understood?


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